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Concrete Cleaning Brisbane

Do you require Concrete Cleaning throughout Brisbane, Logan and Ipswich??

If you answered yes well here at Constructive Cleaning Group we are in the business of cleaning concrete and other hard surfaces. We can achieve the following results due to many years experience in the industry.


Thats's right, we have many cleaning options and solutions for your concrete cleaning needs including

 - High pressure cleaning equipment hot/cold water

 - Mobile scrubbers and sweepers

 - Oil stain removal

 - Water cartage if required up to 3000 ltrs presently


We have selective cleaning solutions if required for a pre-clean to the surfacewhich can help remove dirt , grime, mould and the like.


We supply services to shopping centres 

If your concrete surface is looking unsightly or is becoming a health and safety issue please contact us for a free obligation quotation

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