Brick Cleaning Brisbane

Brick Cleaning Brisbane 

Domestic | Industrial | Commercial

We offer brick cleaning in brisbane and on the gold coast. We also offer block cleaning in brisbane and on the gold coast as apart of our services. 

If it's a home , commercial property or industrial premise we have you covered!

We are experienced in this area and we also can work off scaffold or from ewp's where required.

At Constructive we know how to clean a brick. If you have the incorrect ratio of brick cleaning acid you can damage the brick. 

We know from experience the correct ratio for each type of brick or block.

We have years of experience in this field and cater for builder or brick layer directly for brick acid washing.

And if required to neutralise depending on brick type. 

So if you need brick cleaning carried out in brisbane or on the gold coast. Please call us.

Services in this area include;

Brick cleaning

Block cleaning

Brick acid washing

Paint removal from brick work including heritage buildings.

Neutralising of brick work (as required).

Acid washing (ground prep).

Opening Hours

P.O Box 4741 Springfield QLD 4300

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